Quick Start

After installation you have a few URLs to visit:

The Start Page


Running it

Keep will start, check for any errors. It will create a database KeepConfig.nsf which is crucial for its operation.

The database contains ONE local user John Doe who is deactivated.

When you want to run Keep local on your Mac/PC, you need to activate that user. The activation button is available in the Notes client.

John Doe

Admin Login

Admin Login

  • User: John Doe
  • Password: password

You can change the password in the API (no GUI for now). To configure a database select the database icon on the left.


You will see this:


Use the /auth endpoint to login and copy the bearer to the authentication. For details check the Tutorial

Postman collection


The Postman collection has sample interactions with the local sample Demo.nsf, go check it out