The Admin API

The Admin API runs on a different port than the Admin GUI and is designed to provide a few commands to see ir update DominoKEEP’s run status. The endpoints are:

On a local machine that’s http://localhost:8889/

  • /log:shows you the KEEP Java log
  • /config: shows the actual configuration (with confidential info masked) that is the result of our config loading sequence
  • /info: shows the loaded verticles and handler classes as well as the one’s that are missing
  • /eventbus: watch messages flow through the eventbus as it happens. Switch this off for production with a config setting "DisableEventBusSocket": true
  • /dxl: Shows the list of extracted DXL files. You can clear them on the v1 API using a [DELETE] /dxl?db=keep-alias-of-db
  • /reload - You need to post to that, so keep reloads. Needs the shutdown key too
  • /shutdown - You need to post to that one to shutdown KEEP. It requires a shutdown key in JSON:
    "shutdownkey" : "The End is near!!"
  • shutdownkey: configured in security.json (or environment)
  • StopServer: true = shutdown Domino too (works on Linux only)