How Keep works

Keep Classes

Requests arrive at the HTTP Listener. The listener loads routes based on an OpenAPI specification. The required classes are derived from the OperationId of the OpenAPI specification.

Requests that provide and expect JSON, will be handled by default code. Only when the Content-Type is different, a HTTP side handler needs to be provided The runtime will indicate which handler classes are missing

Check the Development page for details

The Barbican

The Barbican decides what a given user can read or write from/to a document

Event Bus

The Vert.x event bus is the nervous system of Project Keep. For more details see the Event Bus page.

Keep Factory and Caches

Every application needs ready access to information. This is via the KeepFactory and its caches. See the KeepFactory and caches page page for more.


Metrics are collected automatically. For more details see the metrics documentation.


Coverage reports are available here. Testing is via JUnit 5 and Mockito. More details can be found on the testing page.