Windows Administration

This explains installation and operation on Windows

Server installation

To run on a Windows Domino server, a Runjava addin has been created. Copy projectkeep.jar and projectkeep-runjava.jar to the jvm\lib\ext folder on the server. Start Domino as normal.

Issue the console command load runjava ProjectKeepAddin.

Don’t use the client script to start a server!

Client installation

Create the folder keep in your local Notes data directory and projectkeep.jar to it. The command file windows_run_keep.bat is designed for use with the Windows Notes Client.


You will not be able to use Notes Client while you’re using Project Keep against your local Notes install. You can not run Project Keep while the Notes Client is running.

Environment parmeters (Client & Server)

There are two system environment variables that need to be set. These can be accessed on Windows 10 by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables....

You may be able to access the “Advanced system settings” dialog by just typing “Environment Variables” in the search bar in Windows.

  1. In “User variables” section at the top, click New… and add a variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH with the value of the Domino program directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\HCL\Domino.
  2. In “System variables” at the bottopm, double-click the “Path” variable and add a new entry pointing to the Domino program directory.

Server commands

Start using: load runjava ProjectKeepAddin.

When you issue the console command sh ta, you will then see tasks for “Runjava” and “ProjectKeepAddin”.

ProjectKeepAddin task listens for command prefixed tell projectkeep.... The following commands are supported:

  • tell projectkeep help gives commands supported.
  • tell projectkeep info writes the Project Keep version information to the console.
  • tell projectkeep quit shuts down Project Keep and unloads the runjava addin.
  • tell projectkeep restart restarts Project Keep.


Don’t use the Project Keep standard REST API POST command for shutdown on a Windows server. Use tell projectkeep quit to shut keep down or, if you want to restart Project Keep, issue tell projectkeep restart.